Buying used forklifts can be a great investment to a company, but people often overlook the benefits of forklift hire.

Forklift hire can be either short term or long term. Maybe you only need it for a few weeks to achieve a certain job or maybe for a long-term project you may need it for a longer period. This would make hiring a forklift a much more sensible and cost-effective option.

Below are the benefits to look at when thinking of buying or hiring your forklift.

  • Hiring can be more cost effective, especially if it will be only be used for a temporary project. The cost of buying a new or used forklift can be a big one, so hiring can help with this.
  • Maintenance and repairs can potentially be a costly item later on if buying a forklift. When hiring a lift truck, service and maintenance is often included so you don’t need to pay out for the things that go wrong that aren’t your fault.
  • Do you have a busy season in your business? Your current forklift fleet may not be able to handle the demand in these periods so why not bring in a couple more to help ease the workload.

Whether you need your forklift hire for weeks, months or years, LiftX has what you need. Stocking electric, diesel and LPG lift trucks of all different capacities and brands so you can find want you want.

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