LiftX are experienced professionals in the UK who have helped many companies and individuals buy and hire forklifts. Our trucks are mostly pre-owned, therefore giving us very competitive prices. Each forklift at our warehouse in Ferndown, Dorset has been fully inspected and certified with service history and sometimes even refurbished to ensure each customer is guaranteed the highest standard service.

We have been supplying forklifts for businesses since 1985 and our parent company – Locators have over 1000 forklifts available for hire and sale. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in these trucks give us a reputation for being responsive, helpful and ethical in all our services.

To make your experience with us when you hire forklifts to be the best standard it can be, we take the time to discuss with all customers their individual requirements and how we can choose the best truck for their budget. Our trucks come either as diesel, LPG, Hybrid or more to ensure that there is a forklift for all uses. We don’t just stop at just when the forklift has been purchased or hire out either, after sales we offer services to make sure your machine stays in top condition including maintaining forklift performance, maintenance support and anything to give you peace of mind.

Get in touch with one of our friendly staff members here at LiftX today to find out how we can find the perfect forklift for you and your business.


Here are some of the used forklifts for sale and hire we currently have in stock at our premises in Ferndown. If you cannot see what you’re looking for please let us know by getting in contact.


  • All prices shown are subject to VAT
  • All trucks shown are offered subject to availability (we update the website regularly)
  • Warranties including full parts and labour are supplied with all trucks
  • Every truck is offered with a Thorough Examination certificate (the forklift equivalent of an MOT) with at least 9 months duration.
  • Each truck is offered with a 7 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied and we cannot resolve any issues.
  • Finance is available (subject to acceptance) on trucks purchased outright in excess of £5,000 in value, and trucks supplied on a long term (24 – 36 months) contract hire.


If you’d like a friendly but professional chat about your requirements please contact us.