If you are looking for Forklift Hire in Verwood with a more personal touch and an affordable price then LiftX are exactly the company you need to deal with. We are based in Spetisbury Dorset and our used trucks have been provided across the UK. Since we specialise in preowned forklifts, you will often find our hire services can be a lot cheaper than other forklift companies. All of our machines come are fully maintained and come with an  updated service history to give you peace of mind.


The process of Forklift Hire in Verwood:


Having over 30 years’ experience in the selling and hire of Forklifts, our expert team are able to find the perfect machine for every customers needs.  We will start off by discussing your requirements and your work premises environment, then we will find the right forklift by identifying the ideal weight lifting capacity, lift height, height restrictions and other aspects to suit your needs and budget. We will never sell you the wrong machine!


What happens after we provide you with the Forklift?


Our great Forklift Hire in Verwood Services don’t just stop when we’ve delivered the machine to you! We can assist you in keeping the truck in top condition for a long lasting time. Also if you ever require maintenance for your forklift, we are always on hand to help you there too.


Get the best out of hiring a preowned forklift today by calling LiftX on 01258 857400.