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Why forklift hire in Portsmouth is potentially the best thing for your business

Sudden breakdowns, high demand or large unexpected orders can drastically affect your business.

In need of a quick, flexible forklift solution? At LiftX, we’ve noticed that businesses tend to want to buy the biggest and the best. Yet, they typically tend to overlook the good ol’ forklifts that can just get the job done. Well – we won’t lie – we think that’s pretty daft. After all, why spend thousands on buying a forklift outright when we supply forklift hire in Portsmouth? See, whenever you hire, you only pay for the time you use. Sudden breakdowns, high demand or large unexpected orders can drastically affect your business. This can cause you to risk delays and even miss deadlines. Which is obviously the last thing that any business worth its salt needs. The first thing? A solution. One that’s safe, reliable, quick and flexible. Here at LiftX, we pride ourselves on delivering to 100% of postcodes across the South Coast – including forklift hire in Portsmouth. We have a fleet of used but fully functioning forklifts available for long or short term hire across the UK. Our pricing is highly competitive BECAUSE we work in used forklifts. Require a safe piece of equipment for lifting, loading and unloading pallets? Our forklift hire in Portsmouth is always the other end of the line.

Regarded as one of the most picturesque, welcoming and interesting places to live, Portsmouth is the place to be. Nestled on the South Coast between Chichester, Southampton and the Isle of Wight, it’s otherwise surrounded on all four sides by water. Making Portsmouth the UK’s only island city, and thereby effectively a dockland city. In fact, Portsmouth International Port hosts a range of cruise operators. It also hosts more ferry routes than any other UK ferry port and serves popular destinations in France, Spain and the Channel Islands. Docks are ALWAYS bustling, and it’s partly because of this that forklift hire in Portsmouth is on the rise.


LiftX’s Forklift Hire in Portsmouth


  • Counter balance forklift trucks
  • Diesel, gas and electric forklifts
  • Electric utility vehicles
  • Manual handling equipment
  • Side loaders & multi-directional trucks
  • Tow tractors and tugs
  • Used forklift trucks and more

Now, forget whatever you think you know about Portsmouth.

Why? Because whilst it is home to immaculate access and travel opportunities for an island, forklift hire in Portsmouth is booming. And we should know because we’re supplying them! Home to beautiful beaches and miles of green spaces, the city is still a city. Like any city, there’s still an abundance of retail and hospitality to maintain. Boasting the great Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth is home to food, drinking and shopping destinations. All of which have great views over the water. Yet, to keep everything in order, the city needs people working behind the scenes with materials handling equipment. Again, this is another reason why forklift hire in Portsmouth is so prevalent. Because many facilities, like museums, galleries and theatres – including the Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery – need forklift hire in Portsmouth.

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With over 100 pieces of equipment in stock, we’re confident we’ll have a machine that’s suited to your requirements. These include variables like height restrictions, weight lifting capacity and environmental suitability. Each forklift features a range of safety and productivity options. Such as programmable performance and weight indicators. Meaning every machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Each and every business is sure to find a forklift fit for them when they choose LiftX!

We are proud to offer personal hire services at affordable prices. We also provide adjacent services to enhance your experience. These include forklift operator training and annual inspections. LiftX is even on hand to support you with your chosen equipment after your sale, so don’t be a stranger.

Does this sound like the right fit for you and your business? If so, then contact LiftX today for professional forklift hire in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.