To find a machine that can perfectly match the requirements of your business then we highly recommend looking at forklift hire in Poole services with LiftX. Our large large forecourt in Spetisbury is sure to contain the truck and specifications you are looking for and our expert team are always available to assist you with what you are looking for.


Forklift Hire in Poole Service Provided by our Experts!

With over 100 different pieces of used forklifts and handling equipment available in our stock, it may feel pretty overwhelming at first to find exactly what your business needs, that why our skilled staff are on hand to help you choose the right machine for the job. We’ll start off by discussing the workspace and size you have at your warehouse/premises, what you will need the machine for etc. We’ll then look at things like your required weight lift capacity and height restrictions. You will never leave us with the wrong machine!


After Sales

When you leave LiftX with the machine you have chosen, our services don’t just stop there. To keep your forklift running at full capacity, we provide maintenance solutions and aftercare services. You’ll need maintenance on your trucks based on the frequency they are used to ensure they always are operating at their best. We also supply each of our machines with a full service history as well to further put peace in your mind.