LiftX are part of the Locators group. For over 32 years we have supplied excellent forklift hire in Gosport services at large forecourt in Spetisbury and surrounding areas in Dorset and beyond. Our team take careful time helping our customers find the perfect materials handling truck for their business.

Professional and Friendly Forklift Hire in Gosport

Every company requires a different type of forklift for their work space and here at LiftX we truly understand this. We take the time to get to know your business and the requirements of the truck needed. We wi;; need to consider the weight lifting capacity, height restrictions and the ground conditions plus plenty more to think about. Once we have decided what requirements you have, we will then discuss the budget you have and decide the perfect forklift from there.

Other services we provide to enhance your service when you choose us for your forklift hire in Gosport is forklift operator training, annual inspections to check that your truck is staying in top condition. We are of course always here to support you with your chosen product even after sale.

To ensure you get the right forklift for your business, get in contact with LiftX to start discussing your requirements today.