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Why forklift hire in Frome is booming

Hiring makes economic sense and can save you an awful lot in the long run.

There’s no place like Frome! Once the beating heart of the wool and cloth industry, this stunning town fell on hard times a century or so ago. Fortunately, it’s since been revitalised by a series of regenerative initiatives. Yet, whilst its medieval centre and cobbled streets don’t scream industrial, you’d be surprised. Picture-perfect lanes filled with independent businesses hide a bustling crowd behind the scenes. The town has begun to thrive once more, and emerging businesses have needed to transport goods. Therefore, forklift hire in Frome has really come into its own.

This beloved market town takes enormous pride in its diverse shopping and amenities. It’s because of this that the local community has seen the benefits of forklift hire in Frome. After all, rental services like the ones that LiftX offers are great for a number of reasons. For starters, hiring allows you to see if a forklift would be worth buying in the long run and whether it’d be worth the eventual spend. Most business owners might not be able to afford a forklift outright, and as such, forklift hire in Frome is an attractive opportunity.

Closely knitted historic buildings, beautiful shops and a creative community have seen that Frome is fit to burst – and that’s without the tourists stopping by. So, with space light on the ground, finding somewhere for a forklift to permanently live is a tall order. For that reason alone, discerning business owners could do well to engage in forklift hire in Frome. This way, they also don’t have to foot the bill and invest money into potential repairs. After all, it’s one thing to have a working forklift. It’s another to have deadweight if the thing suffers a breakdown. In addition to this, forklift hire in Frome operates on a speedy basis. So, for those who have pressing stock that can’t wait to be unloaded and stored, know that LiftX is here for you as and when you need us. As you have read, our hiring offers economic sense and can save you an awful lot of money in the long run.

LiftX’s Forklift Hire in Frome


  • Counter balance forklift trucks
  • Diesel, gas and electric forklifts
  • Electric utility vehicles
  • Manual handling equipment
  • Side loaders & multi-directional trucks
  • Tow tractors and tugs
  • Used forklift trucks and more


With over 100 pieces of equipment in stock, we’re confident we’ll have a machine that’s suited to your requirements. These include variables like height restrictions, weight lifting capacity and environmental suitability. Each forklift features a range of safety and productivity options. Such as programmable performance and weight indicators. Meaning every machine can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Each and every business is sure to find a forklift fit for them when they choose LiftX!

We are proud to offer personal hire services at affordable prices. We also provide adjacent services to enhance your experience. These include forklift operator training and annual inspections. LiftX is even on hand to support you with your chosen equipment after your sale, so don’t be a stranger.

Does this sound like the right fit for you and your business? If so, then contact LiftX today for professional forklift hire in Frome and the surrounding areas.