Specialising in pre-owned forklifts for over 30 years, LiftX are the ideal providers for your forklift hire in Eastleigh as well as Hampshire and across the UK. Our large forecourt based in Spetisbury stores over 50 pre-owned materials handling machines – each with a service history and well maintained features. Not only is hiring through us a cheaper option, you can also expect expert advice from our team who specialise in finding your businesses perfect truck. You may of heard of our parent company Locators, they’ve been providing quality warehouse equipment across the UK since 1985 and that same quality passes on to our pre-owned forklifts here at LiftX.


Forklift Hire in Eastleigh – The cheaper and better option


Our specialists are always ready to help you find the perfect machine for your business and keeping with your desired budget. We’ll take into account aspects such as your warehouse space, height restrictions and required lifting capacity. You will never leave our services with the wrong truck and our excellent reputation can ensure that.

You may wonder what happens with your machine after delivery, to keep your forklift running in top condition, LiftX also provide aftersales services such as maintenance and more to keep it going for longer.

Contact our team today for excellent Forklift Hire in Eastleigh services.