LiftX specialise in used forklift hire in Christchurch and the rest of the UK. Our forecourt based in Spetisbury, Blanford stores over 50 used materials handling equipment and machines. You will find that hiring a pre-owned truck is a much cheaper option and this is exactly what our parent company, Locators wanted to achieve when they opened LiftX back in 2017.


Easier and cheaper forklift hire in Christchurch


Locators have been supplying forklifts and warehouse essentials since 1985 and their high level of quality service and products is exactly what you can expect with LIftX. Our team of experts have been professionally trained to help every customer find the perfect machine for their workplace at a cheaper price.


We’ll set up a discussion with yourself to discuss your requirements and consider things such as the dimensions of your warehouse, the weight of the materials you’ll be handling and of course your budget. You will never leave LiftX with nothing less than the perfect truck for your company!


What else LiftX can do:


Forklift supply is just one of the services we offer, we can also provide forklift operation training and after sales services including maintaining your truck so it can stay at best capacity.


Find out how we can help you achieve cheaper and easier forklift hire in Christchurch by contacting LiftX today.