Getting the right forklift for you business can be a headache of a long complicated process. Not with LiftX though – Our expert team have had over 30 years’ experience in the field of forklift hire in Bournemouth and are dedicated to help you find the right machine that suits your work premises. Our large forecourt has over 50 material handling machines that are mostly used and second hand, therefore reducing the price and making them a much better option in terms of pricing.


The process of getting Forklift Hire in Bournemouth:


It all starts with a phone call to one of friendly experts, then we can arrange a time for you to visit our premises here in Spetisbury, Dorset. Our team will then be able to assist you and find the perfect materials handling machine for your business i.e. lifting capacity, lift height, ground conditions etc. We never have sold a customer a Forklift that was any less than perfect for what they were looking for.

We don’t just stop our professional services as soon as the forklift has been sold to you, LiftX also offer fantastic after-sales services. It’s best to keep you forklift at top working condition as possible for maximum life and performance. To do this you’ll need to get it serviced, the frequency of this depends on how often the truck is used. Our qualified engineers can service your truck as well as provide maintenance wherever you may be in the UK.

Get the perfect Forklift Hire in Bournemouth service for your business today by calling 01258 857400 or 07970 088840.