Operate in Andover? In desperate need of a forklift on a short or even long-term contract? We’ve got you covered. At LiftX we provide forklift hire in Andover and across the South.

As soon as you reach out to LiftX, we’ll run through your requirements and take your budget into account. This way, we can find you the perfect forklift for the job. Our experts carefully help our customers find the perfect truck for their business. After all, we cater to an array of customers and every piece of equipment serves its own unique function.

Better yet, we’re not a small scale operation. LiftX is part of the Locators group.

With over 32 years of experience in the hire and trade of forklifts, we consider ourselves one of the top dogs. We have the knowledge and connections to access any make, model or type of forklift. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that we’re one of the leading and most respected suppliers of forklifts in the UK.


Friendly Forklift Hire in Andover Businesses

We stock an assortment of used material handling equipment in our large forecourt. That way, we can be sure we always have something for everybody. You needn’t be concerned about their second-hand nature. These machines are thoroughly inspected and refurbished on a routinely basis. When hiring for your Andover business, you should account for the following:

  • What weight lifting capacity do you need for your business?
  • Does your warehouse or site have any height restrictions?
  • What are the ground conditions of your workplace?

Once we’ve determined your requirements, we’ll discuss a budget and timescale. When it comes to hiring forklifts, with LiftX, it really is that simple.

However, don’t go away thinking we only hire out our material handling equipment! We also provide adjacent services to enhance your experience. These include forklift operator training and annual inspections. That way, we can check whether your truck is in tip-top condition. We’re even on hand to support you with your chosen equipment after your sale, so don’t be a stranger.

Each and every business is sure to find the perfect forklift for them when they choose LiftX!